Family Circus

No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys. - Doug Horton


I'd expect this from a puppy

Rosie has developed the habit of taking off her diaper then christening the floor. I'm so glad we have Pergo-type flooring in the living room and hallway. Easy clean up. Today, however, I left her happily ensconced in stacking her discovery blocks on the coffee table, then cheering for herself, simply so I could go address an urgent issue with my tiny bladder. While washing my hands, I heard the distinctive R-I-P of the velcro tabs on her diaper. Damn! I rinsed my hands and grabbed a towel on my way to the living room, thinking that I would need something absorbent if she had already made a puddle. Oh, how I wish she had just piddled in the living room floor. Leave it to my overachieving child to leave little landmines behind her as she walked around the living room, cheering for herself. I'm now urging (read: forcing) Rosie to help me clean up any mess that she creates. Toys: she does great. Books: she does okay, except for the stacking part. Bodily fluids: she usually makes a hasty exit just after my discovery.
I'm simply grateful that she is done with her artistic phase. I'd rather have it on the floor than on the walls.


Erin: 31, Emcee. Witty redhead, handy with a whip.

DH: 30, Strong Man. Comedian, defender of virtue.

Halie: 7, Chimpanzee. Pulls teeth, loves bananas.

Catie: 5, Leaping Lemur. Gentle and cuddly, loves grapes.

Rosie: 2, Cappuccin. Flings poo, loves carrots.

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