Family Circus

No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys. - Doug Horton


Football Day

Sunday, DH was home, so his day off was dedicated to watching football. Not that I don't enjoy football, it's just that Halie and Catie would rather spend their time ramming bamboo shoots under their fingernails. Rosie, however, was more than happy to cuddle with her daddy and watch hours of the All-American sport. At least for a brief time. When she grew bored with watching young, athletic men in tight pants (did I mention I like watching football?), Rosie used her father as a jungle gym. First, Rosie used his legs as Parallel Bars, then used his crotch as a springboard to propel herself onto his broad shoulders that served as her Pommel Horse. DH said he enjoyed the snuggle time with Rosie, but never thought he'd need a cup to play with his daughter. Needless to say, I cannot tell you what teams won or lost, but I can tell you that my birthplace, Chicago, lived up to its nickname: The Windy City, with wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. And the Chicago Bears looked good while fighting those winds.

We ended the evening playing Disney Scene It together. With rare exceptions, our daughters are good sports. They congratulated each other on victories at least as much as they pouted when they did not win another turn. Granting them the 'free time' to stay up and finish the game made for a much happier (read: easier) bedtime.

Today is Monday. The beginning of a new week. Today holds much promise!


Erin: 31, Emcee. Witty redhead, handy with a whip.

DH: 30, Strong Man. Comedian, defender of virtue.

Halie: 7, Chimpanzee. Pulls teeth, loves bananas.

Catie: 5, Leaping Lemur. Gentle and cuddly, loves grapes.

Rosie: 2, Cappuccin. Flings poo, loves carrots.

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