Family Circus

No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys. - Doug Horton


To Do List

When Princess brought home yet another stellar report card this week, DH thought it was time to celebrate. You may or may not know that my DH was, at one time, a young Bronze Palm Eagle Scout, and loves to camp out. I'm sure that he'll find the perfect spot to set up the tent, even if the backyard IS crowded by a massive wooden playground and a couple of 30 year old trees. DH spoke with Princess and Sweet Pea, and upon hearing their excitement, promised to retrieve our family-sized tent from the attic and set it up for the three of them on Saturday Night. At one point during the conversation, Princess said to her father, "Daddy, be sure to put that on your 'DO' list ." DH gave her a puzzled look. "What's a 'DO' list, Princess?" "You know, that list you make of things that you have to get done soon."

As it stands now, DH, Princess and Sweet Pea will be 'roughing it' in our backyard tonight. The Queen and Stinker will be snuggled and warm in our respective beds. I'll report on the events of the night later! Glad I have 9-1-1 on speed dial.


Erin: 31, Emcee. Witty redhead, handy with a whip.

DH: 30, Strong Man. Comedian, defender of virtue.

Halie: 7, Chimpanzee. Pulls teeth, loves bananas.

Catie: 5, Leaping Lemur. Gentle and cuddly, loves grapes.

Rosie: 2, Cappuccin. Flings poo, loves carrots.

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