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Career Day

My first-grader's elementary school had a Career Day yesterday. The students (grades K-5) were to dress in clothes for their chosen profession. Halie wanted to be a ballerina, and told her teacher a few days ago that it was her career choice. The teacher gently explained that a leotard and tutu did not constitute and outfit appropriate for school. Halie was crushed.

On the way home that day, I explained to Halie that lots of dancers have 'day jobs' to pay bills, but dance 'on the side'. Halie asked me about the careers that a dancer could work at. I explained about Beauty Consultants and Makeup Artists, and Halie said she'd like to dress the part for Career Day. Halie was suddenly back to her bouncy self. This is one for the record books folks: This hard-headed daughter and her equally hard-headed mother actually agreed on something!

I made Halie agree to an early bedtime and an early wake-up call the next morning. I went to bed late, having watched the
Dallas Mavericks play the San Antonio Spurs. Let's just say it was well into the wee hours. It seemed I had just fallen asleep when Halie woke me at 4:30AM. She was already dressed in her clothes for school, hair-brushed, and ready for me to put on the finishing touches. "I wasn't going to wake you up THIS early, sweetie. Please wake me in about an hour." Fast-forward to 5:30AM, on the dot. When I opened my eyes, Halie was standing on my side of the bed, pushing my bangs off my forehead and using the exact words that I use when waking her for school each weekday: "It's time to wake up and start a new day. Okay?" I quickly got up and shrugged myself into some clothes, plugged in the curling iron and laid out my makeup bag. Halie joined me in the master bathroom and stood on the toilet so she could watch me in the mirror and I curled her hair, strand by strand. Then I clipped her bangs out of the way, slathered on my moisturizer (with SPF 15), and proceeded to apply her makeup in the exact same way as I do my own: powder, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, mascara and lipstick. Halie asked me if I could imagine her as a teenager. Her words broke my heart. Halie is growing up so fast! She looked gorgeous, and I heard the teachers complement her as she headed to class that morning. Halie told me that when she was called on, later that day, to speak about her chosen career, she told them that 'her dream is to be a ballerina, but in her 'day job' she works as a Makeup Artist'. She also learned the hard way that makeup applied in the morning rarely lasts through an entire day: all traces of her makeup were gone, save for a tint of pink on her cheeks from blush and light brown smudges of mascara under each of her eyes. Halie walked away from school so proud of herself, and I wish I could make that an everyday occurrence!


Erin: 31, Emcee. Witty redhead, handy with a whip.

DH: 30, Strong Man. Comedian, defender of virtue.

Halie: 7, Chimpanzee. Pulls teeth, loves bananas.

Catie: 5, Leaping Lemur. Gentle and cuddly, loves grapes.

Rosie: 2, Cappuccin. Flings poo, loves carrots.

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